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My husband and I have been through four other so called “professional” landscape companies before we found you two years ago.  Our home’s landscape looks amazing.  You all are truly a full service professional landscape company, because your work shows it.  We finally found someone who we can trust to do the maintenance right, will not cut corners and are trustworthy.  We appreciate not having to check behind the work each time.

Martha B

Q: Why should I choose your company over the others?
A: Since 2003 Simmons Landscaping Services has been a family and friend based business whose foundation lies on God and honest quality service. We are experts in landscape and hardscape design, construction, and maintenance. It is our mission and passion to make sure your landscape reaches its maximum potential, increasing your property value and staying within your budget all at the same time. Whether it is a small or multiple phase project our trained and experienced professionals are committed to doing the project right the first time and meeting or exceeding the expectations you have for your landscape.

We are not just an "average fly by night" landscape company who performs work and then not available the next time you call.  We are here to meet your needs and develop a long lasting trustworthy relationship. You can always count on the same friendly, dedicated service time and time again.

Q: Do you guarantee your work?
A: Yes, we do offer a guarantee that is provided upon completion of the project!
Q: Do you give a warranty on plants installed?
A: Yes. Most plants comes with a year warranty. However, there are some exceptions that will be noted at the time of the estimate
Q: What areas to you service?
A: We service anywhere in Middle Georgia with lawn maintenance and our Landscape/Stonescape crew works  mainly in Middle Georgia and or anywhere in the state of Georgia. Please Contact us for more details.
Q: Can I call to ask simple horticulture or how to questions?
A: Absolutely, we are here for you and will be glad to answer any horticulture / how to questions you have . Call us 478-279-1232
Q: Do you have references if so how can I obtain those references?
A: Yes we have references on all of our work performed. To obtain them just simply call us 478-279-1232 or email us and we will provide it for you!
Q: Are you insured?
A: Yes. We carry general liability and workman’s compensation. Certificates provided on request by fax or e-mail.
Q: I noticed you sell plants under retail prices. Can I buy just the design and plants from you and do the work myself?
A: Yes. We do have customers with a limited budget who will purchase the design and plants from us and install the landscape themselves!  You can buy plants from us and we will deliever them right to your front door for a small delivery fee. Call us for more details 478-279-1232
Q: Can you maintain my landscape after the final installation?
A: Yes, We have a complete team of highly trained  professionals to provide weekly/bi weekly service for your property. While a growing number of people have become dissatisfied with the poor quality of the typical ‘mow, blow, and go’ service, we take the time to maintain your property to perfection while providing a reliable service you can trust
Q: Can I buy just the design and plants from you and do the work myself?
A: Yes With a limited budget we have customers who will purchase the design and plants threw us. We will deliver the plants right to your front door with a small delivery fee.
Q: Do you charge anything for designs?
A: We offer a free initial consultation for you to discuss with us your desires and options for your property. After the initial consultation and the design is complete we will go over the design with you to give you a idea of how the landscape/stonescape will look . In this case there would be no charge

To keep the created Landscape/Stonescape Design will be $125.00**

Which Includes: Drawing, Plant/Stone/Materials Selection, Quantities, Installation Estimate

Q: How do we pay for service and what form of payment do you accept?
A: For our Routine Maintenance Service Customers:
We mail out invoices at the end of each month for the services performed during that month.(Maintenance Visits, Pruning, Mulch/Pinestraw Installations, and all other Maintenance Services will be billed this way.)*

One-Time Services:
Payment is due upon completion of service.

Landscape/Stonescape Services:
50% Deposit - Balance due upon completion of project.

Forms of Payment:
Accept Cash or Check

Q: We want a lot done, but cannot afford to do it all now. Can you still work with us or set up a payment plan?
A: Yes – it is not uncommon to do a project in phases, especially when there are such constraints as budget and time. Because we draw up our own plans, we can design a project to be installed in phases. Once the complete plan is established, the property owner can easily pick and choose which parts to be completed now and in the future. We also do payment plans contact us for more details
Q: Can I transplant Plants / Trees?
A: Yes you can, if you are dedicated to the proper about of root ball you need to harvest and the requirements of water needed after the transplant takes place. This needs to happen after the first frost of the season has occurred and before the last. December-February are your very best months. Outside of these months your chances of success are reduced as the temperatures rise. Always evaluate the money and sweat required with the risk of survival before you commit to this task. Sometimes you can purchase a new plant similar in size for about the same 'Cost'.
Q: Do I seed or do I sod?
A:  Seed cost roughly 20%-25% of what Sod installation cost. The reward for sod and this additional money??? When you leave for work that morning you have a “yard of dirt”; when you get home, there is a nice lush instant green lawn ready for you to enjoy! Now Seed will eventually grow just as thick and lush as sod, its just going to take time. When you purchase seed expect all growing season for it to be a work in progress. There will be erosion and some areas youll need to sand in before you are 100% complete. But If you are a patient person and its early in the growing season seed will grow into a beautiful lush lawn. Just don’t plan that Summer Cookout that next weekend after we get done seeding!
Q: What are Stonescapes?
A: As opposed to the plant life in a yard, which is called softscaping, "stonescaping" also referred to as "hardscaping" has to do with all the non-plant design elements of a yard. In other words the stonescape industry covers the following aspects of beautifying the outdoor process:
  • Retaining and decorative walls
  • Lighting for stonescape, landscape and water features               
  • Stone pathways, fireplaces, walls and patios
  • Paves and cobble drives, terraces and walkways
  • Ponds, fountains and waterfalls
  • Outdoor kitchens

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